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Duppy XO

Duppy XO

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Duppy XO
A blend of 5, 8 and 12-year aged 100% column still rums from Barbados. Rich indulgent flavour notes are balanced out with lighter chocolatey ones as the younger and older rums react to each other.
On the pallet, indulgent flavours of butter fudge caramel and condensed milk delicately marry with accents of apricot, vanilla and nutmeg.
Enjoy it neat or in an old fashioned.

Bottled 700ml

Duppies are dark Caribbean spirits or ghosts originating from Jamaica and are known to have a special love of rum. As a spirit is aged in barrels, a certain amount is lost through evaporation over the years – known as angel’s share in scotch production. This is far too tame for the world of Rum.. Legend has is that Duppies swoop between the islands stealing the best share of rum which is why you’ll see most bars throughout the Caribbean leave a rum shot glass by the side of the bar.
The Duppy Share is not just a celebration of rum, but also a celebration of the Caribbean. A unique group of islands between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic are beautiful and have an amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome and at ease. The Duppy Share ensures the warmth, fun, beauty and excitement of the Caribbean can be tasted in every drop.
We give back to the Caribbean as they have given us so much. The Duppy Share has partnered with the Alpha School of Music in Kingston by sponsoring scholarships that enable young people in Jamaica to learn the skills needed to succeed in the music industry.

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