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Chopin Family Reserve

Chopin Family Reserve

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Chopin Family Reserve
The world’s first rested, super-premium young potato vodka. Naturally gluten-free, Family Reserve features a special variety of young potato that was planted during the 2016 growing season in the rich, dark soil of the estate fields surrounding the distillery. The potatoes were harvested when they were still young, producing a sweeter tasting profile with delicate earthy notes. T he spirit was then left undisturbed in fifty-year-old Polish oak barrels for two years to allow time for it to rest and mellow before being bottled, by hand. All the potatoes used in Family Reserve are naturally-grown without chemicals or pesticides on the Chopin distillery estate grounds. It is also ideal for sipping chilled neat, over the rocks, in martinis or signature cocktails.

Bottle - 700ml

Tasting Notes:
Presents on the nose hints of spice that accent a gentle, sweet musk
Palate opens with a delicate earthy sweetness
 followed by understated notes of licorice and clove
Finish is medium-long with a lingering warmth

        ◆  Estate-crafted from farm to bottle 

        ◆  Estate grown & produced 

        ◆  Naturally-grown young potatoes with no chemicals or pesticides 

        ◆  Seasonal production 

        ◆  Journey from potato to spirit starts within 72 hours 
of being delivered 

        ◆  Pressure cooks then ferments for 3 days 

        ◆  Distilled in copper column original to the distillery 

        ◆  The column 3 stories tall and has 25 plates:
15 fermented mash plates and 10 alcohol plates 

        ◆  Blended with artesian well water and non-chill filtered 5x 

        ◆  Rested 2 years in 50-year-old Polish oak barrels 

        ◆  Bottled, by hand 

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