Zubrowka is a true icon of the world of vodka. Its long history represents the origins of vodka making and the proud heritage of Poland as a county. Żubíówka deíives its unique taste from extracts of bison grass harvested from the ancient Białowieża Forest in Poland by only a few families who know of its secret location. Selected blades of bison grass are used as decoration in the Żubíówkabottle.
Bottle – 700ml
Serve chilled in 6 C

ľ h e fascinating history of Żubrówka began many years ago in the Białowieża Primeval Forest, the last viígin forest of Europe. A vodka that, like no other, acquires its gentle character and strength,straightfrom nature.The age-oldtraditioncombinedwiththeuniquetastemade Żubrówka our showcase globally -areal export good. When opening a bottle of Żubíówka, we commune with thePolish tradition.

Bison Grass
According to legends, people once believed that wild bison grass was an aphrodisiac and gave bison strength to those who had the opportunity to try it. Due to its properties and its intriguing aroma and taste, our ancestors referred to some species of bison grass as sacred. Until today, each blade is hand-picked, selected, plus dried in natural conditions. It's a job that requires experience and patience, but professional "pickers" are happy to do it. This rare profession is often passed down from generation to generation in their homes.

T h e recipe of Żubíówka Bison Grass is one of the best-keptsecrets. T h e ritual of creating the drink begins with the search, harvest, and selection of bison gíass that grows wild in the Białowieża Primeval Forest. From properly prepared grass, an extract is obtained, which is combined with diocesan spirit. According to the recipe, only crystal clear water is poured into the production of Żubrówka.