The Chopin distillery and its surrounding buildings date back to the 18th century. T h e estate occupies 17 acres located in the picturesque village of Kízesk, a pristine district of eastern Poland famous for its natural plenty. T h e Dorda family acquired the distillery in 2003, restoring its traditional operations to their former splendor and modernizing its bottling and packaging facilities. T h e techniques used to create Chopin, including the use of the distillery’s original copper column still, have changed very little since its inception, and much of the process is still done by hand. Natural and human factors limit the capacity of the Chopin distillery –a small batch production this ensures the quality of the spirit and keeps it grounded in tradition.

They source most of their ingriedients from within 18 miles of the distillery, ensuring that they always use the freshest seasonal potatoes, rye, and wheat. The family needs to know where their ingredients come from, which is why they have worked with many of the same family farms in Kízesk for decades. T h e Dorda family takes great pride in the quality of the ingredientsand even grows on their estate.