As the long and rich history of our business bears out, in the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century, the names "ALTVATER GESSLER" and "J.A. BACZEWSKI" were reputed marks and famous household names, associated with a large variety of high quality alcoholic beverages. We invite you to browse in the categories below and enjoy the old world labels, photographs, advertisements and other memorabilia which we have gathered and posted on this web-site.

World War I and World War II, and the intervening tumultuous years in Europe, wreaked havoc with our business, decimating it and leaving it in shreds. All of our production facilities spanning Europe were shut down, destroyed, nationalized or otherwise disposed of. Were it not for the determination and stamina of Eduard Gessler, who, after World War II, started rebuilding the business from the ruins and remnants of the Vienna branch, nothing would be left today.

Our dream and vision is to reestablish the great reputation of our business, in Europe, the United States, and world-wide. Our goal is to reintroduce our traditional products, so that the day will come when the centuries old recipes will again see the light of day and will be followed to produce the same highest quality products enjoyed by past generations.